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Guidelines/Parameters for the Contributors:

Following are the Guidelines/Parameters for the scholars/researchers contributing articles to the bi-annual research.
journal of BSC “BALOCHISTAN REVIEW ISSN: 1810-2174”.

  • The article should be in a ready to print form
  • .Authors are entitled to five free off-prints and a copy of the issue in which their article is published.
  • The articles should accompany a soft copy as well; to be sent through email preferably in PDF file format.
  • Articles must focus on latest researches made in different fields/areas i.e. arts and crafts, architecture,
    archaeology, literature, language, economy, management, heritage and culture, politics, media, history etc.
    relevant to Balochistan.
  • Any queries regarding the publication or acceptance of the article can be sought at the given address:
    Editor “Balochistan Review”, Balochistan Study Center, University of Balochistan, Quetta-Pakistan.


  • The title should appear at the middle position of the first page
  • The brief title (5 to 7 words) with author’s name also appearing in the top-left header position in the rest of
    the pages (running head).
  • All authors’ full name and affiliations should also be explicit on the first page with the corresponding
    author’s postal and email addresses.
  • The article should comprise an abstract, introduction (including review literature and rationale), results,
    discussion (including limitations and suggestions), and the references.
  • The abstract should be of about 150-170 words.
  • The article should be of maximum 4000 words in New Times Roman, font 12 with 1.5 line Spacing.
  • Main heading should be bold with italic subheadings.
  • Tables and figures should be in a separate file, in a ready to print form with sources given below the tables.
  • All statistical symbols present in the article should be italic.
  • References should be in author/date style throughout the text in the APA format
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